New Advanced Scan Module is now available

The Advanced Scan module is now available, together with the 1.70 update of the ObiScanner Management Software.

The Advanced Scan module allows ObiScanner to acquire an higher resolution 3D model, bringing the number of polygons up to 300.000, and capturing both the ears and ear lobes of the patients.

The new Advanced Scan option opens to the possibility of a very accurate superimposition with an Intra-oral scan, following the protocols explained here and here.

If you have purchased the Full Bundle, you will get it just by updating your software version from ObiScanner Management.
Remember to also update the ObiScanner Framework to the newest version (download it here).

In any other case, please contact us at to purchase it at a discounted price, available only to the first 100 customers.

You will find the video tutorial on how to use the new Advanced Scan module here

Trick & Tips: Export

In this post we talk about exporting facial scan. If the model is displayed by your CAD software with black cracks, there is a problem reading the file. For correct visualization, use [Export for CAD] in the ObiScanner Management Software. For more info:

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Combining Intraoral Scans, CBCTs and Face Scans: The Virtual Patient

The Virtual Patient is a topic that has been discussed for years now in dentistry: true-to-life representation of the anatomical structures of the face, teeth and bones which could help dentists plan therapy.
Furthermore, one of the main aspects and goals of this representation is making the treatment clearly understandable for patients who would then feel more trustful towards their clinician.

After many years of research, product development and several methods of acquisition put in place by different companies and institutions, the Virtual Patient is here and any dental clinic can implement a fully digital workflow which will improve the performances, real and perceived quality of their work.

A very interesting article submitted on PubMed (link) explains how and why the Virtual Patient can revolutionize the dental world, like the advent of implants did just a few decades ago.

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